When and where are classes held?

Classes happen every Thursday at Concord Church during the fall and spring semester, from 9am-noon followed by Musical Theater from 12:30-3:30.

What classes are offered? 

There are many different learning opportunities offered by parents for a minimal cost (generally the supplies needed for the workshop). ARCHE occasionally offers core science classes and classes taught by professionals; these generally cost more. Classes vary each semester depending on what the parent-teachers decide to offer.

If I decide to teach a class, how do I decide what to teach?

We ask that each family spend at least one semester at ARCHE actively participating in classes.  Classes are unique by design, and having a new teacher unfamilar with the structure of ARCHE can be difficult.  Once that semester is over, the class coordinator will send out an email requesting class submissions.  At this point you would fill out the form, making decisions about what to offer, when you can offer it, how much to charge, etc.  All classes are subject to board approval.

Am I required to stay on campus during classes?

Yes! A parent or guardian is required to remain in the building at all times regardless of the age of the child. If you must be gone, you will need to fill out an Alternate Guardian Form and have it approved by the On-site Coordinator. If an emergency occurs, please ask for a paper copy at the front desk.

How does a teacher come to the amount of the cost for the classes?  What exactly does the class fee cover?

The cost of classes are entirely up to the teachers.  Some teachers only charge enough to cover cost; some charge fees for their services; some undercharge and absorb the cost themselves.   ARCHE does not not put limits on or govern the fees charged for various classes.  When signing up for classes, if there is a question about a fee, the best thing to do is to contact the teacher directly.  

When participating in classes, is it necessary to register for all the timeslots availiable?

No.  ARCHE classes are designed in a way that creates flexibility for our families. Families may participate in any or all periods available. Also, as class selections change by semester, the level of participation may change as well.

I want to join ARCHE, but only for the special events.  Do I have to do the classes?

Absolutely not.  ARCHE has been designed in a way that allows for families to pick and choose how best to insert ARCHE into their homeschool lives.  While most families that join do participate in classes, it is not mandatory.  

How do you join a group, such as BFF or TNO?

Upon completion of your membership application, you will be asked which groups you would like to join.  As the leaders of the individual groups create events, you will be notified based on your selections there.  You may choose to edit these preferences at any time.  Also, just because you are "in" a group, you still determine your level of involvement.  

Why am I required to volunteer?

ARCHE is a volunteer organization. Part of the membership requirement is to volunteer at least two hours per week. Due to the amount of work involved in making classes run smoothly, we ask that parents be available to cheerfully help with other responsibilities that will arise from week to week.

What will I do with my younger children while I am teaching my class or volunteering?

Teachers, Co-teachers and Volunteers may leave their infants/preschoolers (3yrs and under) in the nursery while they are teaching or monitoring. Volunteers of ARCHE will staff the nursery. You are always welcome to keep your children with you if they are not disruptive to the learning process.

What other opportunities does ARCHE offer?

There are many perks to membership. In the hopes of strengthening our homeschool community we offer many different social groups including: Teen Night Out (TNO), Kingdom Crusaders (KC), Best Friends Forever (BFF) and Moms Night Out (MNO). ARCHE also coordinates many social activities that may include Back to School Party, Craft Days, Year End Picnic and more. Kindergarten, 8th grade and High School graduations are also coordinated through ARCHE. Other events for the membership may include standardized testing, curriculum fairs, field trips and various learning incentive programs. As ARCHE is voluteer led, these opportunities are only available if someone is willing to lead/organize them. For example, if you enjoy organizing field trips, consider organizing them for the group. Grab a board member and ask them about it. If you won’t, who will?